Box Tops
Organizing, collecting and submitting box tops throughout the year with volunteer help. As well as sending out appropriate fliers to students. (This can be done 100% from home on evenings and weekends. This program runs throughout the school year. NGES & NSS volunteers needed.

Fundraising Committee
A group of parents and board members that evaluate different types of fundraising ideas to meet the PTG’s budget needs. This committee will meet as needed throughout the school year and will meet more frequently toward the end of the year for next year’s planning. (Year Round) A Chair or Co-Chair can be appointed.

Grant Writing
Seek out and complete appropriate grants to help meet growing educational and school needs. Work with PTG Board and Teachers to communicate on which grants have been done and which grants applying for. (Can be done at home throughout the school year.)

Fun Run
Students will run during an extended recess period in October, gather pledges, company match thru parents or relatives employment, and try to win prizes. Co-Chairs will also send out sponsor letters (by July) This committee would help coordinate volunteers, help finalize themes, prizes, etc. Put together packets for students to take home in September. This is our 2nd largest fundraiser for the two schools. (Planning end of previous school year –July and September & October.)

Fun Fair
Our largest fundraiser of the year, Fun Fair is a carnival atmosphere held in mid- May not only for the students of our school but the entire community. There are four chairpersons that share the responsibilities of coordinating the efforts of the sub-committees: Current Co-Presidents and Fundraising Chair or Co-Chair and if needed a past Co-President. Sub-committees will be formed for the various stations. Chair people needed to work with an experienced chair and expect many volunteer hours. This is our largest fundraiser for the both schools. Many hands make light work. Meetings and planning run January – May.)

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