Some useful links for what’s happening right now at NGES and NSS!

Yearbooks are still for sale! Be sure to use the right code!

You can order your yearbook here:

Virtual Book Fairs are Up! All orders ship home | Free shipping on book-only orders over $25 | Scholastic will give back 25% in rewards to your school when you shop APRIL 27 through MAY 10.


Square1Art is here! Shipping is $4.95 until June 30, 2020.

To order, simply visit and enter our State, School, and your child’s First Name and/or Last Name. Once you select your child’s art, you may order products! If you have trouble accessing your child’s art on the website, please reach out to us at and we will provide you with your code.

If you have questions, or need anything at all, please contact customer care at or 888.332.3294×1 or contact Customer Care Online.

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