2018-2019 Enrichment Calendar

2018-2019 Enrichment Calendar


 9/66th Grade. Patriot’s Place Field Trip.
9/13 & 9/145th Grade. The Brigham Hill Community Farm Field Trip.


10/9 & 10/10Kindergarten. Nature Walks with Susan Thomas.
10/12Preschool. Library Story Hour with Ms. Sarah Bannister.

4th Grade. Mass Audubon Society – Broad Meadow Brook Field Trip “Adaptations”.

10/15 & 10/161st Grade. Nature Walks with Susan Thomas.
10/15 – 10/195th Grade. Grafton Public Library & Grafton Common Visit.
10/25Preschool. Kidding Around Yoga.
10/29 – 11/2Bren Bataclan Visits NSS


11/2Preschool. Library Story Hour with Ms. Sarah Bannister.
11/5 – 11/9Bren Bataclan Visits NGES.
11/15Kindergarten. Clay Art.
11/155th Grade. State House Field Trip.
11/16Preschool. Music Together.
11/192nd Grade. Toys for Kids and Teens.
11/225th Grade. State House Visit.
11/273rd Grade. Many Thanksgivings with Pilmoth Plantation Presentation.
11/30Preschool. Kidding Around Yoga.


12/62nd Grade. Physical Changes of Matter by Discovery Museum.
12/7Preschool. Library Story Hour with Ms. Sarah Bannister.
12/10 & 12/114th Grade. Geology: Rock Detectives.
12/13Preschool. Kidding Around Yoga.
12/17 & 12/183rd Grade. Weather and Climate Program.
12/20Preschool. Music Together.


1/4Preschool. Library Story Hour with Ms. Sarah Bannister.
1/11Preschool. Kidding Around Yoga.
1/115th Grade. Wingmaster – New England Birds of Prey.
1/25Preschool. Music Together.


2/1Preschool. Library Story Hour with Ms. Sarah Bannister.
2/8Preschool. Kidding Around Yoga.
2/84th Grade. MythMasters – Greek Mythology Actors.
2/12 & 2/131sr Grade. Engineering: Bridges Workshop.
2/15Preschool. Music Together.


3/1Preschool. Library Story Hour with Ms. Sarah Bannister.
3/13rd Grade. Benjamin Franklin Performance.
3/8Preschool. Kidding Around Yoga.
3/15NGES & NSS All School Enrichment. Kathryn Otoshi Author Visit.
3/15Preschool. Music Together.
3/18Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Pumpernickel Puppets: Peter Rabbit.
3/272nd Grade. E.S. Redmond Author Visit.
3/281st Grade. Rosie Revere Show at Mechanics Hall.


4/31st Grade. Sound Program.
4/5Preschool. Library Story Hour with Ms. Sarah Bannister.
4/12Preschool. Kidding Around Yoga.
4/125th Grade. Colonial Day.
4/24 & 4/26Kindergarten. Force and Motion Program.
4/251st Grade. Animal Habitats.

4th Grade. Immigration Day.

4/26Preschool. Music Together.
4/302nd Grade. Earth Science Program with Discovery Museum.


5/1Kindergarten. E.S. Redmond Author Visit.
5/3Preschool. Library Story Hour with Ms. Sarah Bannister.

4th Grade. IMAX Movie.

5/15 & 5/161st Grade. Community Harvest Project.
5/215th Grade. Freedom Trail Field Trip.
5/233rd Grade. Grafton History Day.
5/24Preschool. Kidding Around Yoga.
5/29 & 5/30Kindergarten. Community Harvest Project.
5/303rd Grade. Southwick’s Zoo Field Trip.
5/312nd Grade. IMAX at Jordan’s Field Trip.


6/44th Grade. Mass Audubon Trip.
6/6Kindergarten. Southwick’s Zoo Field Trip.
6/7Preschool. Library Story Hour with Ms. Sarah Bannister.

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